Our Philosphy

What is best for our dogs comes first in all we do. We will never compromise on this philosophy.


We have been members of the Master Dog Breeders and Associates (member number 11112) and breeding Australian Cobberdogs since 2013. We abide by the breeders code of conduct and our focus above all else is the health and welfare of the dogs we own and breed.

We are dedicated to developing the Australian Cobberdog

Australian Cobberdog

Great Mates are committed to producing healthy, beautiful Australian Cobberdogs with the great temperaments that we love.
We are dedicated to developing the Australian Cobberdog as an allergy friendly, low shedding dog best suited to be a service, therapy and companion dog.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

We have pledged to always use sound breeding practices and the highest standard of ethics. We want to share this wonderful breed with others and we breed from the best of the best.  All of our breeding dogs are fully health checked, for heritable and congenital conditions, DNA tested for genetic disorders and carefully selected for use in our breeding program.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

At Great Mates we begin the socialization of all of our puppies at an early age. Our dogs and puppies are raised  with us inside our home and they are cherished and loved as family pets should be. We  make sure they have lots of cuddles and attention from humans and they are exposed to everyday comings and goings and noises of a normal family. The actual mating of our dogs only occurs after lots of time and energy has been expended planning and preparing for the puppies.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

Our puppies are socialized with not only an abundance of children, young and old, but other dogs as well.  We are a busy household and our puppies will be surrounded by normal household noises and events like vacuuming, other dogs, the doorbell (everyone wants to see the puppies), dishwasher, washer/dryer, the TV, music, phones etc. so by the time they arrive at their new owners house they should fit in well. They get lots of play time and there is lots of space for them to enjoy themselves.

Australian Cobberdog puppy

We start basic toilet and good manners training to help our puppies and their new owners.  Our puppies go for rides in the car to help prepare them for their ride home with you to their forever home.

Why pedigree papers?

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

Many people considering buying a pet puppy don’t understand the importance of the registered pedigree system and feel that they don’t need to have papers provided with their puppy. 
Breeding papered puppies enables us to use science to breed our puppies rather than just luck and we like to know without any doubt who your puppy’s mother and father, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters and grandparents are so we can use as much information as possible to take the best decisions in our breeding programs.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

At Great Mates we select primarily for health and temperament with a focus on what is best for our dogs and those we breed. We also use the Australian Cobberdog Breed standard to aim for recognition for the breed to be a predictable and healthy purebred now and for future generations to come.
As a pet buyer you can see the papers as your puppies birth certificate that shows its family tree.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

Great Mates use the pedigree system to help us minimise the risks that come with breeding living beings and help us to provide puppies with great temperaments that will be happy and healthy family members.
Every Great Mates Australian Cobberdog puppy will be provided with its registered pedigree issued by the Master Dog Breeders and Associates which includes information on health, including DNA test results, work and achievements that apply to its ancestors.

Health Testing

Great Mates have as our first focus, the health and temperament of our dogs while working towards Australian Cobberdogs becoming a recognised breed.

With the ability to use the science of DNA testing, the systems in communication like the internet and easier transportation around the world, the Australian Cobberdog has many advantages over the foundation breeders who developed currently recognised breeds.

All of Great Mates Australian Cobberdogs are cleared by DNA  for recessive genetic disorders as advised by DNA testing specialists. They are screened for all currently known heritable and congenital disorders which occur in the breed.

Only those dogs which pass our strict health, temperament and conformation criteria are used in our breeding program.

It is not possible for any breeder to guarantee that a puppy will not develop a health problem into the future but everything we do is designed to reduce the risks involved with breeding and owning a living creature.

All our breeding dogs have been cleared of any genetic heart or eye problems.

We test for every known disease that affects this breed and if new tests become available we retest our dogs for the new diseases.

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