Australian Cobberdog Puppies for sale

Miniature/Small Medium Australian Cobberdogs

We have beautiful Australian Cobberdog puppies for sale. They have laid back temperaments, are affectionate and very intuitive and have lovely soft coats.
Puppies will be mini / small medium.

Adoption Process

To apply for one of our beautiful Australian Cobberdog puppies the first thing you will need to do is fill out the Puppy Application Form which can be downloaded here.  Great Mates Australian Cobberdog Puppy Inquiry Form.

We will assess your application and correspond with you via email and phone to discuss what you are looking for in a puppy and when you will be ready for the puppy.  Based on your requirements we will work out what is best for you and your family. All of our pet puppies will have all vet work done prior to going home to you. We do sell breeding puppies if you want to breed these wonderful dogs but we only sell puppies for breeding to Master Dog Breeders and Associates registered breeders. You can find out about becoming a registered breeder here.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

We take regular photos of our puppies which we can email to you or you can find them on our website and facebook page.
You can contact us anytime with any questions, tips or advice you may need regarding getting ready for your puppy to come home.
Great Mates select your puppy for you based on what you have told us about your preferences and what we know about the puppies. We try to match each puppy with the home that will suit it the best. It is for that reason that we do not allocate puppies to you until they are 6 weeks old as this is when their personalities really show through.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

Great Mates select your puppy for you based on what you have told us about your preferences and what we know about the puppies. We try to match each puppy with the home that will suit it the best. It is for that reason that we do not allocate puppies to you until they are 6 weeks old as this is when their personalities really show through.
We want you to be happy with your puppy so we also ask you if you are happy with our selection. We spend 24 hours a day with the puppies and their parents and we know their personalities well. We are very happy to work with each family and help them pick the puppy with the qualities best suited for them!
Puppies must be fully paid for when they are 6 weeks old, or two weeks before your puppy is due to come home. If you are picking your puppy up from our home then we accept the full cash payment at the time of pick up. We are happy to organise transport for your puppy to your home at an additional cost.

Booking Fee Information

Pet Puppies

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

As there is a high demand for our puppies we have a waiting list. When a litter is born and we let you know your puppy is in that litter we require a $500 booking fee.
As soon as we receive your booking fee we will email you our puppy notes to help you to learn more and get ready for your new baby to come home.
The booking fee is non-refundable because we would have told other puppy buyers that the puppy was unavailable and we then have to find a suitable new home for that puppy in a shorter amount of time.
We understand that life can be unpredictable so we are happy to apply your booking fee toward a future litter. We are also happy to apply your booking fee to a future litter if the timing of the litter doesn’t coincide with your families plans.
Our current Australian Cobberdog Pet Puppy prices are available on request.

Do you want to be an Australian Cobberdog breeder?

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

We encourage people to become Australian Cobberdog breeders and we are committed to helping you on this journey. We will make sure you have the best possible choice of breeding potential puppies.
Please email us or call us for more information, we love to talk about all things related to Australian Cobberdogs.

Stud dog Service

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

Our boys can provide a stud service to approved girls and semen can be transported worldwide for artificial insemination.
Please contact us for further details and current pricing.

How We Raise Our Puppies

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

We care about our puppies so we know when they are born they have been cleared for any recessive genetic disorders as their parents status regarding known recessive disorders is known to via DNA testing. . We also have their eyes and heart checked and they are groomed to get them used to a brush.
Their mum’s are pampered and kept stress free and healthy throughout their pregnancy and have their babies in a warm and comfortable stress free area in our home.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

The puppies live with us, are loved by us and get the best in food and health care. They are fed a natural raw diet and we only use natural products to limit chemical exposure.
We do not have to use chemicals for fleas or ticks as we have never seen these on our property or any animal that lives here.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

When our precious puppies are born they are held and caressed by us so they get used to being handled by humans. We pay special attention to their ears, feet and toes and give them a light brush daily. This makes it much easier as they get older to groom them, trim their nails and clean their ears as they associate this with love and comfort and a normal daily occurrence. We take the time beginning when the puppies are very young to perform Early Neural Stimulation.
In the first few weeks our puppies spend a great deal of time with mum in a big whelping box in our family room where she nurses, cleans, and loves them and we can make sure she is looking after them well. They get used to a variety of household sounds and people coming and going including loud noises, so they are not nervous or easily scared.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

Once they are three or four weeks of age mum will naturally start to spend a little more time away from her babies to encourage their weaning process. They are naturally weaned off their mum onto a natural canine diet. Once they are mobile we take them out to the garden individually and with their siblings and we give them individual free time and cuddles in our house.
We encourage their natural instinct for cleanliness and begin their early toilet training which makes it easier for you when they come home. They get used to big hands, little hands, men’s hand’s woman’s hands, deep voices, high pitched voices (our kids yell, squeal and laugh) and all the bustle of a regular household.
At the appropriate age we begin light training and assessment activities.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

As we get closer to home time we will ask you for more information regarding the type of household and environment the puppy will be coming home to. This helps us to replicate as best the environment the puppy will be going to while the pup is still surrounded by its Mum and litter mates. Its a good idea if you send us an old T shirt or similar that a family member has worn for a few hours to enable us to introduce the scent of this person to your puppy too.This helps the puppy and the family have a smooth and less stressful home coming. If your puppy is traveling we get it used to the travel crate and take it for car trips to reduce their stress levels at home time. Everything we do is designed to keep both the puppy and you happy and reduce stress. We are very careful to find homes for our puppies that will take over where we left off in preparing them for a long healthy quality life with care and responsibility that ensures the puppies have the best chance of a wonderful future. We provide lots of notes and support to help our puppy buyers achieve this.

Still have questions – Call or email us!

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

All of our puppies will go home with up-to-date vaccinations and worming. All puppies are microchipped. They will bring home a puppy health care card, puppy contract, a registered pedigree issued by the Master Dog Breeders and Associates, vaccination and vet certificate, and a new puppy kit including a toy they’ve played with and smells like their mum. They will also have a 6 weeks insurance policy with Petplan. They will be well socialized with children, people and other dogs.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

We are breeders who want to keep in contact with our puppies and their families after they go home. We want to make sure our puppies are happy and well adjusted, and we are always available for any questions or help our puppies families require. We love to receive updates and photos so we can share the joy you will have watching your puppy grow into a well-adjusted and well-mannered adult dog.
We are just a phone call or an email away. We  are experienced in raising dogs and have lots of experience and advice to offer. If you have any questions about the Great Mates Australian Cobberdog Adoption process, please call or email us.

Our Visitation Policy

We understand that puppy buyers are often advised to visit the home of the breeder before they decide to purchase a puppy from them to see Mum and Dad and where we raise our puppies.
Unfortunately we can no longer encourage visitors to visit our dogs and pups as the a risk of accident or disease increases with visitors coming onto our property. We don’t believe it is responsible to put pups which have been promised or sold to puppy buyers at risk. People are very excited when waiting for a pup to come home and if anything happens to stop this happening it is heartbreaking for them and us.
We believe that it is less stressful and safer for puppies to fly to their new home as this usually takes less time and reduces the risk of a puppy picking up a disease when you stop to toilet them when driving home.  Remember that until a puppy has had its second vaccination it is not immune to common diseases.

Our beautiful Australian Cobberdog puppies are well socialised with men, women, children and other dogs and you can see in this photo with Mum and puppies watching TV in our family room with us.

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