The Australian Cobberdog

Australian Cobberdogs are full of personality being lovable, smart and funny and they have a high level of intuition and ability to read their humans!!  

They are low shedding and rarely have a doggy odour.


How are they different from the Australian Labradoodle?

Australian Cobberdogs have a different genetic blueprint from the Australian Labradoodle even though some have the same ancestors. The Australian Cobberdog has had different breeds of dogs infused into the gene pool to overcome some of the problems associated with Australian Labradoodles. The Australian Cobberdog is now a different breed.

Australian Cobberdog breeders have kept accurate records of their pedigrees and are breeding for different traits than the Australian Labradoodle.  They are working towards breed recognition which will ensure predictability in the breed.


More than 30 years of Successful breeding

Great Mates Australian Cobberdogs welcomes you to our home on the internet.

Breeding Beautiful Medium and Mini Australian Cobberdogs  from quality Australian and Imported lines.

With the future of the breed in mind and undertaking the dedication, genetic testing and selection required to support that dream, Great Mates should be the name to look for when making a decision about your next best friend.

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