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Greatmates Cobberdogs is located in a quiet rural setting in the Riverina, near Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia where the air is clean, our dogs enjoy all the benefits of living within our family and having the freedom of wide open spaces to run and play. The Australian Cobberdog is a perfect fit for any family or individual and we cannot imagine not having them in our lives. 

We have been breeding purebred registered dogs for over three decades and breeding Australian Cobberdogs since 2013 when they were first recognised as a breed in development. We love the temperament of this breed with their intuitiveness, their desire to be with people and their happy, funny personalities.

Our commitment to breeding quality, healthy, predictable Australian Cobberdogs with excellent temperaments, is to make sure more people can have the pleasure of living with them.

We want to encourage more people to breed these amazing dogs and we are happy to share our knowledge with people who are interested in the breeding.  We help new breeders understand what is involved in breeding and caring for this fantastic breed.

Some of the benefits we have found living with Australian Cobberdogs are that we have extremely little dog hair on our clothing. We don’t have any doggy smells in our home and they are so easy to train!

Having lived with other breeds we noticed how our Australian Cobberdogs make us feel. Because they have excellent eye contact and because they want to be with us rather than racing around being busy with other things they make us feel that they love us and we are the most important thing in their lives. They seem to look at us and work out how we are feeling and then work out how they should respond to us.

We are in awe when our puppies at about 3 and half weeks are sitting up and actively seeking eye contact with us. At about 6 weeks some of them sit down and watch TV and watch us and look at us as we are walking around the room. They always want to know where we are without being “needy” puppies.

We have certainly discovered that sharing our life with this amazing breed is truly a blessing.

Australian Cobberdog Puppies

Daisy having cuddles with us

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